10 Viral Marketing Methods Online and Offline

Whether you’re an independent business owner, small business owner, or an internet marketer it’s vital to have a marketing strategy to let others know more about your business, product or service that you’re offering, this is a given.  To start off my list of viral marketing methods I’ve compiled together effective methods that have proven to show me great personal results in my marketing endeavors.  As an entrepreneur it requires extreme creativity in order to utilize these resources to create optimum results based on attraction and your unique approach in educating others.  It’s extremely vital to never limit your resources and always utilize more than one marketing method to enhance your online presence on the Web and build a solid reputation amongst your personal network.  Use your brain to formulate your own strategies for how you can utilize these different platforms in an effective and profitable way.

Online Viral Marketing Methods

The internet has obviously opened up new avenues for business owner’s to be heard and known.  By using the internet as your resource you can effectively market yourself to a wide range of different people for a much lowered cost.  Unlike traditional advertising where you pay a huge fee for time on-air, online advertising is a more defined risk of marketing because you can target who you market to as well as attract more viewers based on genuine interest.  In marketing, genuine interest is a key selling point for potential prospects because it cuts out the need to convince.

1.) Join Social Networking Platforms Online 

The best approach is always going to be positive word of mouth advertising.  It doesn’t matter what viral marketing methods you’re utilizing, this has always been the most effective approach because your friends and families in social networking media sites can spread the word a lot faster to the individuals they know.  When you initially start to build a business you have to create a momentum of interested viewers on a consistent basis, even when you first start because those new viewers are your ticket to getting more referrals. If this process is managed effectively it can continue to bring you more traffic, based on the relationships you have with friends, families, and individuals you’ve chosen to network with online.  Viral marketing methods such as social networking platforms are a great way to effectively market yourself, but you have to be actively engaging with new individuals if you want to create effective results consistently.


  • Referrer’s of your network have already built trust amongst their referrals, giving you a higher chance that others will be more open to hear what you have to offer.
  • Creates a faster momentum of new interested prospects because your always consistently networking with new individuals and meeting their friends, families, and associates.
  • Different platforms can allow you to display other helpful resources on your social networking page such as videos, photos, external links, and other viral marketing methods to help inform new prospects about your business
  • Much more powerful and effective in capturing the interests of completely new individuals because of their relationships with those you’ve previously networked with.  Some people may just be interested in learning more about you just because you’re a friend of their friends, this happens all the time.


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2.) Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a highly effective source of informing new prospects and updating/reminding existing clients about information or offers.  Email marketing is so effective because everyone check’s their emails.  The reason why emails are a part of these viral marketing methods is simple.  The first thing someone does when they go home is turn on their lights and then they turn on their computers second.  An email is now a secondary mailbox to almost every single citizen in the world.  Some even check their email before their actual mailbox and if you e-mail the write content using a specific strategy you can grab more interested readers.


  • You can place your website or company’s website on your e-mail signatures, this builds trust, credibility, and appears professional to new individual’s you’re emailing. Viral marketing methods such as this one encourages the other party to click on your link to learn more about you if they don’t already know more.
  • You can use online e-mail tools to send Weekly newsletters, updates, and important information related to your product, service or business that others would be interested in learning.  This keeps all your existing prospects updated and educates new prospects who’re interested to learn more about you.
  • It can be an effective system for maintaining solid relationships by following-up with existing clients through email. This is one of those viral marketing methods that focuses strictly on developing nonverbal communication skills. Eventually you’ll want to speak with them in person, but an email can be a discreet way of letting them know they’re still on your mind.  This lets the other clients know that their business is important to you and you still consider them more of a friend than a client.
  • Powerfully written and creative emails can motivate others to contact you so they can start to do business simply because of the way you present yourself through written expression.  Professionalism is always considered in the business world when it comes to our writing and if you add your own personality to the email it can be one of the most effective online viral marketing methods.
  • Some internet resources offer an auto-responder email that automatically generates and sends out quality emails to your new, potential and existing clients.  This helps you save huge amounts of time from having to type up individual emails and it’s just as effective in delivering powerful content, except in a much more larger time saving manner.


AWeber is an E-mail Marketing Campaign that automatically distributes emails within your clientele database.


3.) Create your own Personal Website

Creating and building an online presence is vital to any business and marketer.  The internet is constantly evolving and it’s the only thing that hasn’t downgraded or remained leveled as time goes on.  It continues to evolve with increased technology and it’s important to start letting the entire world know what it is you represent by using one of the most effective viral marketing methods of our time.  With a website clients and potential prospects are able to see and view what it is you offer anytime while you and them are at anyplace.  Your website is your voice, so to speak, that represents your business when you’re not there.  With this in mind it’s important to create an efficient income generating website to promote your products, services, and opportunities to the world through the eyes of you.


  • The information you’re trying to promote is always live 24/7, 365 days of the year online for everyone to see.  Whether it’s businesses, products or services your website can attract different viewers and buyers from all over the world.  There’s a reason why it’s one of the most beneficial viral marketing methods.
  • Having a website is much more professional to your client’s and potential prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.  It’s almost an industry standard now to have a website.  This allows them to check and view information about you anytime that way there’s no pressure and customers can make their own educated decision.
  • A website can be used to sell promotes directly from the web for those who own businesses or who market various products.  This grants convenience to your prospect and client’s while you earn money directly from the sale.  Altogether a much easier process for technological commerce.
  • A website allows other’s to post positive reviews, comments and testimonials about your service, products, or business in a positive light. Word of mouth is still one of the most original viral marketing methods of business.  This promotes a much more positive atmosphere for other’s to make a better decision about doing business with you.
  • Search engine marketing and optimizing strategically targeted keyword’s on your website is another one of those viral marketing strategies that attracts viewers from all over, we’ll discuss in more detail in a bit.


If you don’t already have a website yet HostGator provides quality service when it comes to hosting and pricing.


4.) Take advantage of SEO Fundamentals

Search engine optimization (SEO) is probably a familiar term for most who’re on this website.  If it’s not then it’s something you should seriously consider learning because the profits gained from understanding the basic fundamentals of internet marketing mastery can draw in huge amounts of profits from visitors all over the world.  Using SEO with a combination of other viral marketing methods, you can rest assured you’ll bring in consistent leads.  Search engine optimization is simple, track keywords and organically integrate them onto your website through content in order to attract interested prospects who type your targeted keywords into search engines.  By content I mean photos, videos, text, infographics, links, and any other online data that relates to your keyword.


  • You can literally target who it is or which groups you want to market to specifically just by researching and identifying which targeted keywords are most likely entered into search engines by numerous individuals who’re targeting the same ones you are. Through organic optimization you can draw those individuals towards what it is you’re trying to promote through top search engine results.
  • The potential for attracting your market can be very slim to moderate or highly competitive based on the keywords you’re choosing to optimize. This is one of those viral marketing methods that has to be strategically planned out. Choosing to track keywords using strategic keyword criteria can put you in a better position for finding the right prospects who’re seriously interested in what you have to offer.
  • If you properly optimize, target, and track keywords that are low in competition and high in monthly searches you have the potential of drawing in hundreds of visitors a day through organic search engine results that link others back to your site.
  • There’s no limit to the amount of keywords you can optimize.  You can literally attract millions of different groups that are a part of various niches to your website if you have more knowledge about various topics.  Out of all the viral marketing methods, SEO takes time to build but with commitment and persistence you will get rapid results.


SEO Marketing in 30 Days is a good program for those who’re interested in online marketing.  SEO is a lot to understand and process, however with the right internet marketing training you can master the skills of optimization and you can organically build trust with search engines, ultimately putting you on the first pages of search results.

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5.) Create viral content and submit those to articles, newsletters, online blogs, or your income generating website.

Writing about relevant topics related to what it is your promoting is another marketing method that has the power of attracting tons of prospects through genuine interest.  Writing and showing that you’re an expert in your field or brand builds credibility about who you are and your business.  Creating articles and posting those on various online article and blog directories can attract interested readers and turn those into prospects or leads.  Words are POWERFUL and we need to use it properly to apply most of these viral marketing methods.  It can and should be used effectively as a way to non-verbally communicate for you when you aren’t physically able to.


  • If you’re content is high quality and informative you build genuine trust with your fellow readers.  If you have your website URL or links pointing back to your website in your article those readers will check out your site, maybe on a continual basis.
  • By writing articles and submitting those online you can effectively and organically optimize targeted keywords.  Search engines love relevant and quality material, putting you in a better position of your article being found if you submit it online.  By following basic article marketing tips, utilizing a combination of other viral marketing methods and staying focused on providing a service FIRST you can strike interest and put yourself in a better position to promote your product.
  • You can have other’s write reviews about your product, business, or services and have those submitted into various directories or review websites.  This promotes genuine trust to other researchers who are looking for something credible and reliable.
  • You show that you’re an authority and expert in your field.  People love working with professionals who know what they’re doing.  Present yourself with pride and confidence and you’ll attract more interested viewers wanting to learn more about you.


Offline Viral Marketing Methods

6.) Find Social Meetings, Clubs, Seminars, and Local events that have individuals with shared interests

This is a highly powerful marketing method if you love to interact and meet new kinds of people.  There are so many social clubs world-wide that meet up for many different types of interests, professions, and passions.  Business, marketing, real estate, or investing it doesn’t matter what field or niche you’re looking for.  With the internet it’s amazing how many meetings you can discover from your own neighborhood and how many people you can attract to your business.


  • You can find different meetings related to what and who it is you’re specifically choosing to market to.  One of those viral marketing methods that puts you directly in front of those you’re looking for.  There are wide ranges of different meetings that can fit into anyone’s interest and there’s no limit to how many meetings you can go to.
  • There are tons of different people you can interact with that may have new money making opportunities that can benefit you in many different ways.  Learning is a vital key for most successful entrepreneurs and in order to increase your income streams you have to learn skills to adopt different money making opportunities and strategies.
  • People you find can become potential partners and promote your product in exchange for promoting theirs.  I’ve met and done tons of deals with various individuals by working together and offering my skills in exchange for their knowledge and services. Out of all the viral marketing methods, socially engaging can be one of the most rewarding. It’s a beautiful process when you can make money with others rather than by yourself.
  • For small business owner’s you can find good reputable employees, for independent business owner’s you can find excellent business partners, and for those in marketing you can find various groups who are interested in your products or services.  No matter who you are social groups have everything all businesses need to thrive, PEOPLE!


Here are a few credible sites that has event information world wide.

World Wide Meeting Directories:

All Conferences

U.S. Meeting Directories:

Events in America


7.) Offer Coupons, Discounts, or Prizes to existing customers for New Referrals

Offering coupons and special incentives is a highly viral marketing method that attracts tons of new customers if you market yourself correctly.  Not only do people love discounts but they love ways to get even more discounts.  If they’re interested in purchasing something valuable they’ll keep you in mind before anybody else because they want to get that discount.  You can create your own marketing system through discounts and referral programs using your own creativity.


  • Current customers or prospects will virally promote your product to their friends and families willingly.  The new referrals trust the words of those who referred them which lowers the guard down for those skeptical individuals.
  • The customer gets an incentive out of referring which maintains stronger customer relations and progressive continual business.  This is one of those viral marketing methods that stems off of loyalty.  Gift and Loyalty Cards are another option in marketing your brand to the public while building a steady base of consumers.
  • Gives new individuals and customers a reason and incentive to bring new people to your business.  If you offer more discounts and referrals for a certain amount of referrals you can create more passive income for yourself by creating an effective credit system.
  • If you maintain a positive standard and service some referrals can even help promote your products to others free of charge just because they actually show genuine interest in helping you.  Building relationships with customers is one of the true benefits of networking marketing and business.

8.) Offer a Free Service, Product, or Valuable Information as a way to attract New Visitors

Anything free is considered valuable to anyone.  Offering free stuff can definitely attract more people to you.  It’s a part of my list of viral marketing methods simply because it’s a part of human psychology.  Think about those large supermarkets that have those free samples.  When you stop by to taste a free sample and you experience the flavors and savor the tastes, you actually feel yourself shifting to purchase that product and most do. (I have)  Finding a way to transform this psychology into a way that attracts individuals towards you can be the key to your marketing endeavors.


  • It puts individuals in a much more open position in hearing what you have to say.  Choosing to promote a free product and creating a bigger picture can encourage those who’re interested to study and learn more about you.
  • If you market free products effectively you can attract huge profits out of all the other viral marketing methods.  People will want to know and do research behind the people who offers free stuff IF the thing you’re offering for free is VIRAL.  For example giving away a free iPad is one avenue to go, however go about it strategically by throwing a raffle and offering tickets for only those who buy your products.  Get it?
  • You can promote discounts and free products through various ads, articles, or magazines that attract to your specific market.  By doing this it grabs the interest of those who’re already serious about the topic you choose to target which can turn potential prospects into leads.
  • If you create a system of offering free stuff on a daily basis you will continue to attract new and existing visitors to come check out your business or website.  Giving away free stuff can be one of the most rewarding out of all the viral marketing methods.


9.) Rekindle Old and Existing Relationships advising them of your New Found Goals

Finding those old friends and families you haven’t talked to in a while is an exciting marketing journey.  Not only are you reconnecting with those you love but you get to find out new interests about them that may benefit them as well as your business.  Your current friends and family may share your same interests and pursuits and on top of that you can rebuild stronger relationships together than ever before.  It’s important though to not come off as only trying to get something from them, that never leads anywhere good.  If they ask you what you do for a living gladly tell them with pride and let them figure things out for themselves.  This is the most passive out of the other viral marketing methods.


  • The people your old and current friends and family know can draw new interest in your business, service or products.  Building new relationships through this method is an effective way of building your personal and business network.
  • Your friends and family may or may not be interested in your services but they’ll be willing to help you out and refer others to you for free at no charge.  Maintaining good relationships is the key to developing this kind of partnership.
  • You never have to worry about ill intentions when it comes to family and friends.  They’ll be honest with you about what you’ll need to do or change in order to succeed and they’ll offer additional insight and information that can help you virally grow your business as you continue to utilize other viral marketing methods.

10.) Always Reach Out to New People you don’t know on a Daily and Active Basis

People are the reason for business.  People are the reason for the economy.  Real relationships are one of the keys to true happiness.  With all this in mind why would you ever consider not building more relationships with people?  Why would you let fear shy you away from getting to know a truly great person? This has the highest potential of being the most effective viral marketing method for those with good intentions. If you’re someone who’s shy and afraid the only thing to do to overcome it is to TAKE RISKS and get out there.  Plain and simple.  There are always people that you won’t get along with, however there are a lot more people who will like you for who you are, but if you don’t ever put yourself out there they’ll never get the chance to meet you.  My fear of regret will always be stronger than my fear of rejection or failure.  Thinking about how to sell them something shouldn’t be your initial thought.  You should be focusing on just genuinely getting to know them and the “marketing” will take care of itself.


  • You have ample amounts of opportunity to grab a large audience’s interest.  Out of all the viral marketing methods you can make a much more powerful first impression than the rest.  With the right attraction and approach you can turn any encounter into a follow-up meeting.  This creates a better position and atmosphere to learn more about them and share more about yourself.
  • You might meet someone who’s already pursuing your profession and you can create a new business partnership.  By working together you can get to know their friends and family ultimately creating a greater market and network for yourself in the long run.
  • Interested individuals may be already looking for what you’re service, product, or business is offering.  This allows future business to continually develop for you and those interested individuals.  It could even develop into a long lasting relationship for the long haul which is worth much more than money.



Challenge yourself and utilize all of these viral marketing methods so you can always be proactively doing something to draw more business to you.  As an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, or marketer you need to have the right mindset if you want to achieve wealth like other successful entrepreneurs.  Take in your everyday resources and think to yourself, How can I use this to make money?

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