Quick and Fast Money Making Ideas to Start

So if you’re reading this page that means you’re either curious or seriously out of options.  The list below is not from pure speculation, it’s from personal experiences either from myself or from others.  This blog will provide you all of the details you’ll need to know to make “fast money”, but how fast is entirely up to you.  Everybody wants quick or fast money making ideas to solve most of their financial woes, but half of those people aren’t willing to put in the work to get it.  What you have to understand is there are no really easy or fast ways to make money without applying some sort of effort.  Stockbrokers make fast money every day, but the effort put in to create that profit takes a lot more than you’d imagine.  Whether the moneys for paying a bill or saving for the future, we all look for different ideas to help us reach that common outcome no matter what fast money making ideas we come up with.

Every single person on this earth knows that in order to be successful there has to be tremendous amount of work put in on our part in order for us to obtain that success.  If getting rich were easy than everyone would be doing it, although these quick money making ideas are extremely simple, it’s  not always easy.  The title of this post talks about how to get “fast” money, not easy money.  Continue reading and you’ll learn actual methods I’ve used, some others have recommended, and a few I’ve learned down the road which does require a vested interest.

1.) Selling products on eBay/ Craigslist

Make Money Selling on eBay

When most people think about fast money making ideas, one idea that comes to most people’s mind is selling their own personal belongings that they no longer use.  We all know that times can be tough and if you have extra items that aren’t needed you can help your financial situation by selling them on eBay. This has been the most popular and viral way of making money. In a digital world demand will always be in constant supply.  No matter what it is there will always be someone who wants to buy that SOMETHING.  What I’ve learned from top eBay seller and internet marketer, Adam Ginsberg, is that anybody can put anything online for sale because the internet grants people the comfort of making a purchase free of judgment.  The privacy attached with buying something online is a lot more appealing than buying something at a public store.  The market and individuals you attract can vary amongst millions of eBay shoppers and better yet the market is always live 24/7.  You can sell ANYTHING online and the system to do so is set up to your advantage which makes it one of the more effective fast money making ideas of our generation.

There are two ways to make money on eBay:

Online Auction:  This is what eBay is known for.  Placing an item on sale for auction and allowing others to bid for that item is one way to sell something if you’re not sure of the real price or value.

Buy It Now:  This option allows you to set your item at a fixed price and place it on sale.  People pay the price that you set and you get paid within hours after the purchase.  This is a good fast money making idea if you need cash immediately.  This option is best when you have a product that’s either new or something that holds high dollar value.

Benefits  -

  1. Different products are valued differently on eBay, but I guarantee you that selling something on eBay would make a lot more money than selling that item at a yard sale.
  2. Selling products on eBay has been added to the list of quick money making ideas because the market that you’re searching for is a lot larger and more easily accessible than any other traditional ways of selling your junk.  It’s 24/7!
  3. Another key point to remember is what is one person’s trash is always another person’s treasure.
  4. The market is always open 24/7 and millions of shoppers are looking to purchase something online.  This is why millions of people utilize this fast money making idea.
  5. You can literally post anything to sell on eBay and make money.  It doesn’t matter what you have, post it on eBay and wait for those to buy.


Reminder – I highly suggest that before you throw anything out, you should consider putting it up on eBay or even Craigslist to find any interested buyers.



2.) Use your skills to form a trade

Many fast money making ideas require little to no prior experience except one’s which require putting your skills to use and getting paid for it.  There is a demand for tasks which require daily labor such as painting houses on the side or mowing someone’s lawn, whatever the case may be if you have a skill that could benefit someone else… USE IT.  Be creative, use your resources such as a computer to type up reports for people who don’t have the time to do it.  If you put yourself out there and offer legitimate work that’s needed than you’ll have a better chance of making money a lot quicker than sitting around contemplating about what you’re going to do.  The whole purpose of searching for fast money making ideas is because most people feel a sense of urgency behind getting a certain task accomplished.  The majority of us rely on jobs for income, however if you’re not employed or struggle finding a job it’s time to search for different alternatives out there. If you have knowledge working on different things such as gardening, tutoring, fixing computers, or even cleaning than offer your services to others.  Bottom line, you have to see this as a win-win situation or people assume you’re just desperate for money.


If you have knowledge or experience in programming, writing, marketing, legal, or design you can offer your services to others as a Freelancer.  There are companies, businesses, organizations, and individuals who’re willing to pay you in exchange for your skills.  Elance is the best source in finding those individuals who will PAY you for your experience, time, dedication, and focus.

Elance - A World of Talent Ready to Work



Ideas for skills that can form a trade:

-       Starting a cleaning service around the neighborhood

-       Help walk your neighbor’s or friend’s dog/cat/pet/etc.

-       Take care of gardening and landscaping work for others

-       Take care of Senior Citizens you know who live alone

-       Paint others people’s houses, fences, etc.

-       Fix computers or help those who’re having issues with their PC

-       Offer educational assistance to nephews, nieces, friends, and anyone who struggles in school

-       Offer your writing/typing services for those who need their work typed or translated

-       Offer baby-sitting services for friends, family, neighbors, etc.

-       If you know how to play an instrument, instruct those who want to learn.


Benefits -

  1. Many individuals are skilled in other highly valued traits that other individuals seek services for and offering these services to others for a small fee can greatly increase your chances of getting repeat business in the future.
  2. When we talk about quick money making ideas, forming your own business from your hobbies is one of the most rewarding because it allows you to enjoy the time your spending while still making money for other things you need to purchase.
  3. You can meet different people and learn new skills to help you out for any future endeavor
  4. If your clients grow to respect and trust you through your work, your chances for getting continual business increases dramatically which in turn will help you earn more money overtime.

100 Day Loans


3.) Hold a Garage Sell for all the junk you don’t need

A garage sell is one way to sell all of your junk in exchange for a large sum of cash at the end of the day.  The goal of a garage sell is to get rid of large masses of items.  If you’re looking for fast money making ideas quickly than a garage sell is one of the ways to get this accomplished.  Your objective is to sell EVERYTHING by the end of the day, in order to do that you need to attract a large amount of people. People aren’t stupid, if they see value in something they will buy it.  Placing a high dollar amount on items that are old won’t make you any money, in fact most sane people will just run away.  The key is to not be desperate because that openly reflects and people won’t feel as comfortable buying from you.  Obviously if you have arrived at this stage than immediate “results” is what you seek. Below are steps to ensure you market yourself correctly to those willing to purchase your goods.

Make Money Selling your "Junk"

Key Tips to “Marketing” Your Garage Sale to Others
-       To hold a successful garage sale you have to effectively market and advertise this sale all over your town. This is a vital principle to this fast money making idea.

-       Place flyers all around your block and within a 2 mile radius of your home.

-       The advertisements should have all of the pertinent details a buyer would search for such as a phone number and address.

-       Add the time the garage sale will be ending.  This gives people more urgency to come see your garage sale.

-       Write the two nearest cross streets on the flyer or place a map of the cross streets near your home on the actual flyer, so those who’re walking by can clearly see the location.

-       Make sure that the words garage sale or anything resembling that is placed in clear text on the flyer.

-       In large letters right a call to action phrase if you must such as EVERYTHING MUST GO or SOLD FOR BEST OFFER to build a sense of urgency in buyers.

-       Never turn down a sale, haggle if you must but never say no to something unless you feel extremely ripped off.  Keep in mind if it doesn’t sale it makes you no money sitting in your garage.

-       Being creative in your flyer.  For such a small amount of space you’ll need to use your imagination in creating an attractive one-page flyer that you think would encourage someone like yourself to come to your own yard sale.


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4.) Sharing and Selling Notes Online

If you attend school another option is to sell your notes online.  If your getting good grades and are already performing at a high level of efficiency than you could be helping other student’s out.  Many internet sites allow you to upload and sell your notes to other eager students who are constantly searching for an easier means of understanding.  This fast money making idea is straight forward.  Below are websites I’ve provided to help get your notes out there for purchase.  Some sites allow you to set the price for your notes and some actually set the prices for you based on certain criteria.  Sift through the sites yourself and find out which one works best for you.  It never hurts to use them all :)  This is just one way to make some quick bucks, no one should focus primarily on this tactic for more income.  The goal is to create sustainable capital so you can spend that on assets (things that put money in your pocket) and not liabilities (things that take money out of your pockets).

Share Notes

Share Notes – Create an account with them, post your notes, and start earning money.


Student of Fortune – Create an account and there are two options to earn money.  One is by offering tutoring services by creating an easy “tutorial” which provides step-by-step notes to answer student questions posted on the website.  If the full tutorial is purchased than you make money off of that note and any other future downloads of that note as well.   The second option is by just posting your own tutorials from textbook notes, questions, or even old notes during your freshman year.  If people download that tutorial you get paid.  If you produce great content than you’ll constantly be enjoying the benefits one of these fast money making ideas.

Flash Notes  – You simply upload your notes and set your own price, 20% goes to Flash Notes and the other 80% goes to you.  They pay you every Friday.


Note Hall – A great place to sell and buy notes.  If you reading this blog than you’re looking to sell and this is a digital market place for study guides, lecture notes, outlines, and reading notes.  Register and start uploading for cash.



5.) Find a Part-Time Job, if none are available search for Sales/Marketing Jobs

When I say part-time sales job I mean those easy sales job you constantly find on craigslist. It’s difficult for people who don’t like talking to people, however for those who do I can assure you with the right motivation you will enjoy the results of this fast money making idea. Here’s a few examples of what this entails.. Door-to-Door, business to business, marketing, and all those jobs which require you to pretty much HUSTLE.  One of the jobs I remembered the most was selling Kirby vacuums.  I had to sit in that van and do 30 demonstrations a week, but that was definitely not time wasted.  Not only did I learn more about proper communication, but I made enough money to help keep me on my feet and have a bit of a “good time”.  If you’re really looking for a way to gain quick capital than finding a part-time sales/marketing job is the best way to go. I’m here to tell you that these jobs are ALWAYS in demand and the reason WHY is because most people are too LAZY and UNMOTIVATED to stick with it.  Commission-based positions like this typically have the highest turnover rate, but it’s obstacles such as these that reveals your true character and shows you how truly driven you are based on the results you produce. Putting to use this fast money making idea takes a lot of heart and patience.  Marketing and being able to understand how to fill the needs of others is the whole concept behind “selling”.  Being overly zealous and pushy attracts no one.  If you want to properly market yourself you have to think about the other person more than yourself.  Set a targetable goal and do whatever it takes to complete that goal before you focus on anything else.


Tip:  Always apply for more than one job, you can’t expect one resume submission will land you a job.  Even if you think you might land a job always have a plan b, c, d all the way to z.

Resources to find Part-time jobs:

Find Jobs and Post Resumes to Beyond.com




Snag A Job Snag A Job Apply Now





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6.) Rent out an extra room in your house to a friend, relative, or someone who just needs housing.

Renting out your home is a feasible option for some. It can be a very profitable fast money making idea if things go well with your roommate. If you enjoy your privacy or are a bit weary of sharing your home/property with a stranger than I suggest finding another fast money making idea.  If you don’t have friends, family, or referrals to rent to than your only option is to advertise, both offline and online.  In order to market your home to the public you’ll need to pay to have a listing through various renter sites or published magazines/articles.  Some listings charge on a monthly basis or by how many days you choose to have your listing on the site, such as 30, 60, or 90 days.  The faster someone finds your listing, the quicker you get paid.  The question you should ask yourself is what site or magazine attracts the most serious buyers and how much time am I willing to pay for my listing.  Depending on your financial situation you’ll need to determine that for yourself.  The payment varies depending on which publisher or sites you use, but keep in mind some are free.

What you’re essentially doing is putting your “assets” to use by generating you income for something that others need, a home.  A room can be beneficial for those who just need a close place next to their work or for single working adults.  You’d be surprised how many individuals need a place to live due to unexpected life circumstances which happen to us every day at any given time.  You choose a comfortable monthly rate, and you choose who you want to live with.  Use your own judgment when accepting people into your home.  The utilities can be evenly distributed amongst the roommates so you’re not solely responsible for the bill, try and be creative with how you market your “home” to others because how you market your home and yourself can attract different types of people.

Tips to market yourself and your room for rent and getting the most from this fast money making idea:


-       Make sure you create a warm ad that fits your personality (you’ll attract people that fit your interests)

-       Let those who see your ad know what you will and won’t tolerate so only the serious individuals will inquire

-       Make sure you don’t include your address, just a telephone number where you can be reached

-       Be reasonable with how you set your price and what you intend to charge your roommates

-       List all possible information on the ad about your home that you would want to know if you were a home buyer, such as laundry access, convenient shopping locations, freeway access, etc.

-       Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Post pictures of the room you are renting and you’ll get more serious inquiries.

Below are a list of sites to choose from. On the flip side if you are single or open to this option it’s a great way to get you monthly residual income. Residual income is the true beauty of fast money making ideas.

60 Minute Payday Loans

Resources to Advertise your Home:

Finding a credible website to place your listing is an important part of the “marketing” process. This will determine overall how quickly your fast money making idea gets discovered.  By finding a good listing to place your ad you attract more serious buyers, along with other benefits attached with that.


Roomster.com   – Advertising portal for home/apt. renters and property renters to connect.

Easyroommate.com  – Free Listing for Roommates

Craigslist.org  – Worldwide known listing, just be cautious about who you attract

Rent.com  – Place your listing on this top rental website.  $49 Monthly for your listing

Apartments.com  – Pay $79 for 30 days.

ForRent.com  – Pay $100 for 90 days, other benefits included such as showing up on search results found on search engines.



7.) Advertise on your car

Place ads on your vehicle.  Yes, this is a legitimate opportunity and there are legitimate companies that use this as a marketing option.  You can be there to fill in those shoes for them and earn a nice monthly check on the side.  If you have more than one vehicle in your household great, place an ad on that one too.  Like I said, being an entrepreneur is all about utilizing your options.  If looks and “style” are unimportant to you than this is the route you should take to earn passive income by UTILIZING your “assets”. The faster you fill out your information for the below sites, the quicker a long you’ll get paid for these fast money making ideas.


Resources to place ads on your Vehicle:

Read more to learn about the general basics of advertising on your Vehicle

Driven Media   – Typically you’re paid $300-$500 a month to advertise on your vehicle, the newer the vehicle the better.

Auto Wrapped  – A strategic marketing company that chooses advertisers based on the region, promotions, and demographics.  See Registration Form and FAQS about their Program



8.) Remember to preserve & Always Recycle Cans, Glasses, Water Bottles, Used Games, Scrap Metal, Etc.

This is an age old method and everyone should already be doing this.  If you’re not, you need to start incorporating this fast money making idea into your routine by collecting every piece of recycling material you can get your hands on as well as gathering old materials you still have.  Cans, glasses, and water bottles are not the only things that can be recycled.  Add in their metal scraps, milk jugs, plastic juice containers and any other electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and even clothes.  Other than cans and water bottles below is a list of different types of recyclable material to cash in for real dollars..

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Copper, Brass, Metals –

Google.com  – Find your local metal scrap recycler by typing Local Metal Recycling Center in the search engine.

Got Scrap

Got Scrap  - Find a Got Scrap location and recycle aluminum, metal scraps, appliances, tin, brass, copper, and even electronics such as computers and TVs.


Steel Recycling Institute  - Great directory in helping you find local recycling centers for different types of metal and steel as well as appliances.

Scrap Monster –  This website is helpful in assisting you with getting estimates and price points for a lot of various recyclable materials.


Automotive equipment, Car batteries, Appliances, Sports gear, etc.  

(anything made of metal) –

Earth 911

Earth 911  (Top Recommended) -  Environmental friendly website that encourages you to trade in/recycle numerous amounts of recyclable material ranging in categories such as automotive, auto rechargeable batteries, construction, electronics, garden, glass, hazardous, household, metal, paint, paper, and plastic.


Play It Again Sports  – Stop by any of their locations and trade in your used sports items for cash or discounted products.  The store clerk will determine whether or not the items can be traded in for cash based on the quality.  Items range from fitness equipment, weights, treadmills to shin pads and soccer balls.


Clothes & Accessories

Clothes are constantly thrown annually.  New clothes are bought and the cycle continues.  Instead cash it in for dollars at a local store.
eBay – People will fight over bids for your items like you wouldn’t believe.  Post those things you don’t want on eBay, there’s nothing to lose except 10 minutes.

Etsy - "Where Creativity meets Opportunity"

Etsy  -  This is a great site for creative “artists” to sell handmade arts and crafts such as art, photography, clothing, jewelry, quilts, knick knacks, toys, etc. They also buy vintage items through the website.  One of the greatest fast money making ideas is helping you exchange your creativity for dollars.


Clothes Mentor (only available in certain states)  – Great place to trade in your clothes for cash.  You’ll need to find a location nearest you and it’s only available in certain states.


Platos Closet  - Trade in your unwanted clothes and accessories to the nearest location.  Best to pick only brand name clothes.  The buyer will review your items and create an offer you could either take the cash or pick a new wardrobe.


Once Upon a Child   - Sell your toddlers clothing, footwear, toys, baby gear, and furniture.  They have a list of favorite brands and locations throughout the state.




Half.com "Digital MarketPlace for Selling Used Books, Video Games, DVD's, and CD's.

Half.com ( eBay Subsidiary)  - Great place to trade in not just books but music, movies and games as well.

Book Scouter  – Fill out the information and the website searchers for different prices that others are willing to pay for your book.  Find the price that best fits you and sell it to the best buyer.

Cash 4 Books  - Trade in your books for cash by simply entering in the ISBN numbers on the back of your book , ship them in for free, and get paid.



CD’s, DVD’s, Old Video Games


Gamestop  – Your local GameStop will always take or trade in your old video games for cash.


Second Spin  - Trade in your old Games, CD’s and Videos.  You pay for shipping, however they reimburse based on the number of items accepted.


Half.com ( eBay Subsidiary)   – Sell your old books, music, movies, and video games.


Used or Broken Cell Phones, Lap Tops, Game Consoles, Digital Cameras, Printer/Ink Catridges and Other Electronic Devices

eCycle Group

eCycle Group  -       Great way to trade in empty ink cartridges, cell phones and laser/toner cartridges.  Create an account and start recycling right away.  Perfect for businesses and organizations that use up a lot of these on a monthly basis.

Buy my Tronics  - Excellent source of trading in wireless products for cash such as MP3 players, wireless aircards, game consoles, tablets, digital cameras and lenses, Apple computer products and iPhones.

Gazelle  - Get a quote from their website based on the brand and model of what you’re recycling.  Trade in any iPhones, Cellphones, iPads, iPods, Macbooks, and Mac computers in exchange for a check, amazon gift card or money put directly into your Paypal accounting.

YouRenew  - Type in their search database the item you are needing to recycle.  If found select the device that best matches the description of your product and have it shipped for cash.


9.) Play Online Poker and Win, a true Fast Money Making Idea with HIGH RISKS


This is one of those taboo fast money making ideas, however it carries with it excitement and high percentage of returns.  Beware it contains HIGH STAKES and this is at your own risk.  The only reason this is displayed is for those who understand how to play poker and because it has been proven to work with the right amount of skills and strategies applied.  If you feel you are someone who is easily swayed by emotions then YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS.  There is a strategy and method behind winning in poker, but you have to take a risk.  Just like eating, gambling can turn into an addiction for those who can’t control themselves.  As humans we all have a choice and I respect  that decision to the fullest.  There’s really not much to say about this since it falls into a “taboo” subject especially with all the hype and negative connotations behind gambling and online betting.

Top 6 Legal Poker Sites


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10.) Become an IBO (Independent Business Owner) 

This isn’t an average fast money making idea like the ones listed above because the income just doesn’t come as fast in the beginning as the rest do, however I saved the best for last because as humans we need a challenge to not only grow through experience, but prosper in knowledge and wisdom through adversity.  Personally I think this has the most potential for generating unlimited profits and is the most effective fast money making ideas of our generation based on the technology that is available to us.  The income you earn is strictly based on the value you bring.  Being a free agent or entrepreneur is what I hope most people strive for instead of searching for an easy way out.  Choosing to determine the amount earned from your own fast money making ideas is one of the most rewarding feelings. The money isn’t fast or quick in the beginning, however the repetition of incoming revenue will be.  Owning your own business is by no means a walk in the park.  It will take some time and work to start up, however if you feel you have what it takes than continue reading on.

Where do I begin? 

First execute an action plan that specifies all steps that need to be taken to reach your overall goal in a reasonable, specified time frame.   Decide on what your targeted monthly income goal will be.


Once that’s decided you’ll need to decide on what independent business you’ll choose to engage in.

Becoming a Network Marketer

To become a network marketer you have to find a company that has a direct sales compensation model.  Being a network marketer is simple, you find a company that offers a service, product, or opportunity of VALUE and you market it to others through networking. If others choose to purchase what you’re marketing than you earn a commission. You can also recruit others to market the same opportunity under you and you’ll make money from their sales which is one of the greatest benefits of network marketing.  It’s a great industry for those who’re great at communicating and excellent with people.  It’s proven numerous times in changing the lives of average citizens to 6 figure earners in a matter of months.  There is a huge list or network marketing companies, however the most well-known companies can be found here.

Take the Path of Financial Freedom

How to Get Started

Find someone you know who’s engaged in network marketing.  If you don’t know anyone, then you should ALWAYS do your due diligence on network marketing companies that you’re interested in participating in.  The company you choose to market is the fundamental element of your success in this industry.  Once you have one in mind visit their personal website and request for more information.


Every single network marketing company offers different compensation, however one thing that is certain is you’ll always get a commission from sales, you’ll get some sort of percentage commission earned through sales from your downline, and you get residual income based on your overall sales and performance with the company.  Everyone who starts off in this opportunity starts off at the same level, but the amount of individuals you’re constantly engaging in will determine the overall success of your “home based business”.

Getting a Website is the First Place to Start
Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer earns money by promoting products, services, opportunities, and offers through their website.  As an affiliate marketer the model is simple and the pay is straight forward.  Create a Paypal account and obtain a domain name and hosting for your website.

How to Get Started

In order to get started in Affiliate marketing you need a niche and you need to understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.  Your website has to have a topic or style that represents what you’re attempting to voice to the world.  Being an affiliate is about promoting products that support the topic or trend of your website. This is one of the most popular fast money making ideas of our net generation. There are other online strategies to earn money from a website, but affiliate marketing is how most people make fast residual income by using the internet.



The compensation is based entirely on how you market yourself as it depends on the individuals you attract to your website and whether or not they choose to buy.  If you attract only teenagers to your website chances are your not going to get any serious buyers.  Typically, affiliate marketers are either paid a commission based percentage per sale, per referral, or a certain rate which is all decided by the company your promoting. The longer your site is up, the more money you can make from this fast money making idea. The more affiliate programs you market and the more sales you make the more money goes into your pocket.


Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides a vast amount of services to business owners using digital technology such as office administrative work, website management, advertising, telemarketing, market research, and any other services demanded of a business owner.


How to Get Started

There are many steps one must take before getting started in becoming a virtual assistant.  First you’ll need to have the experience required of what business owners would expect, second you’ll have to find clients to market to, third you’ll need to set up bank accounts and contracts, fourth you’ll need the right equipment to perform your overall duties.  Read more about steps in becoming a virtual assistant here.



The compensation is strictly set by you.  How much money you earn when you start from this fast money making idea is determined by many factors.  As a virtual assistant you choose your hourly rate.  This is the most important part of your business because after your business expenses your net pay will determine your overall income earned.  Make sure you don’t overcharge for services and don’t ever undersell yourself for complicated tasks such as web design or development.  Pick a comfortable rate that works best for you and your clients.

IMPORTANT: If you have skills fixing computers, have extra things to sell, and have some free time on your hands… what is stopping you from turning all of these ideas into a reality??  No one should settle for just one way to make money and that is what all of society has been focused on for over a century.  One job for one person for one life, when in reality we can have 3+ streams of income for one person living one life. Take charge of your life and grab what’s yours.

The possibilities in this world are endless now and the reason why there are the rich and then the poor is simply because of mindset and attitude, not money.

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